Joan Rivers…Get Well Soon.

If you don’t know and love Joan rivers there is something wrong with you, and you should be ashamed of yourself.  The star of fashion police and an awesome comedian. I just learnt the devastating news that she is in critical condition, admitted in a hospital and i can’t begin to imagine how her family must feel if am this sad. Joan your fans pray for your quickest recovery.



Genius I am not!!

You know when you are kid and your parents lie to you that you are the smartest kid around, yeah i was that kid who believed the lies. I believed my mum so much i actually thought i was genius, and decided to read one of my dad’s engineering textbooks. Am just saying as way to get disillusioned that was the worst. I have never felt so dumb in my entire life and i was around 10 at that time . I got a new respect for my dad and I finally understood what my mum didn’t want me to know, I was a dumb kid!! But my mum still thinks am genius, so I still go around with a smile on my face. Moms are awesome!! Love you mom!


Celebrity Break-ups!!

WTF is going on! If you are an avid watcher and follower of celebrity news then you understand their is sort of a craze with celebs breaking up all over. Am just saying its devastating to hear some of this news, I know I need a life to stop following other peoples lives, but c’mon there life is interesting mine is kinda boring unless I leave the house which I don’t, mostly. Anyway, from Mariah and Nick separating which am sad about, to the most devastating of all Ciara and Future called it splitsville. Another thing that’s depressing, claims that Future cheated on Ciara. Who cheats on Ciara!!! Why would you mess that up considering a. she’s your baby mama b. she’s HOT!! (oh, am straight but am not blind either.) c. she’s CIARA!!!…Its distressing to think that someone can cheat on her, what hope do we have of keeping our men from straying.

Tip: Make sure your guy is scared of you, works for me!!


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Cheesy pick up lines ALERT!!!

So on Thursday I had a very busy day of interviews which i have to say I aced one out of the two…anyway on my way to the second interview this guy stops me on the road and ask “where have I seen you before?” when I don’t answer back he goes on with, ” do you come here often?”. At that I had to look back and see who this idiot was, just so that i could describe him better to my friends. Am not a mean person but I just had to make fun of the cheesy lines. I didn’t even know people used this lines I thought it was just bad lines from bad tv. he followed me around till I gave him my number now am looking for ways to block him cause his calling me like crazy. Dating is just weird…


The house of pain and torture aka The Dentist.

Just got back from the dentist and it was HORRIBLE…I cant feel my lips. The worst part of being in a dentist office isn’t just being in that torture chair, its sitting at the waiting room. The noise from beyond the walls will scare you to death. So there I am, sitting, reading a magazine on cars, which is weird since why would a dentist’s office have a mag on cars, then all I hear is the buzzing and drilling noises from the Doc’s office. Am ready to run away but then I look towards the receptionist and she’s on facebook, while am there ready to curl into a ball cry for my mummy. It pissed me off. it would have been nice if she at least looked as freaked out a bit by the fact that someone was getting the jaws drilled. But I guess some people are heartless.

Then its my tun to got to the CHAIR and am scared out of my mind because all the stuff am seeing look like they belong to a serial killer. am sitting there shaking like a leaf and then all my fears are confirmed, she, the dentist, pulls out a huge needle it looks like something used in the 1800’s when they just discovered needles. am not proud to say this but i shed a tear when it went into my mouth. worst experience ever. worse than even when I walked around with my zipper open back in high school.

When i was done I didn’t want to look back but seems lucks not on my side I have to go back next week. All in all, I  did figure one thing out, how to conquer my fear of the dentist. It wouldn’t have been such an awful experience if you couldn’t hear or see what was going on. If I had put on headphones and and an eye mask I would have tolerated it better.



Why tom was better than Jerry.

If you were an avid cartoon watcher when you were a kid or even now, you would have at least watched Tom & Jerry once, if  you didn’t am  sorry for your childhood. Anyway most people who watched the cartoon think Jerry was more awesome than Tom but i beg to differ. Tom was resilient, he was an evil genius but because apparently “evil” never wins, his plans were always foiled by a tiny mouse. But he never backed down, he always got up for years and years and years. And if the writers of Tom & Jerry were the people who wrote Happy Tree Friends the endings would have been so different. For those of you who haven’t watched Happy Tree Friends I advise you don’t watch it while eating.

I was so in love with Tom when I was kid, I asked for sweater with his face on it just to show his awesomeness and plus who wants to be walking around with a rat on your chest. Another thing to love about tom was that he was a player. Tom had game. Remember the scene he changed a curtain into a three piece suit? Yep, game!Tom & Jerry made my childhood a thing to remember plus I have some gap years which I don’t remember but i would love to think I was in Tom & Jerry induced coma.