Am evolving into a girl!!!!

Ok, i am a girl, but this girly girl thing that is starting to happen with me, its annoying the crap out of me. Yesterday i spent half the night watching America’s got talent, British got talent and anything else i could find on you tube. And half that time i was crying my eyes out Because people are either talented or embarrassing themselves.

So why i ask, was I crying??? I need a shrink. Someone to tell me am going crazy and not evolving into a crying girly girl. And while am on the subject of America’s got talent, i missed the awesome 2012 season, and by awesome i mean Andrew De Leon. Who saw that coming?? Goth guy, awesome eyes by the way, has some great lungs. I  love opera as much as the other guy, probably a little more than everyone, but you have to give it up to him.

This year, i loved smoothini. the ghetto Houdini. Are you kidding me? now i want to learn magic cause that was amazing. Now that was talent!! check him out if you don’t know who am talking about.

Anyway, i ranted enough for now and i want a smoothie (smoothini = smoothie cravings). Later!!



Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

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