Why do i have so few twitter followers?

I don’t get twitter to begin with. Most of the people who I twit to, I have not seen in two years and those i who do speak to, in the real world that is, don’t care about twitter and still have more followers than me. So I decided to be active in twitter to get more followers and after a week of twitting like crazy, twitter sent me an email showing my progress. My progress: I got one new lousy follower. (no offense my beautiful and lone follower i still adore you). That was the recommendation twitter gave me be a twitter nut and all get followers, well that was a bust.

So am asking for new tips and tricks to get more followers. Also am not sure why I need followers other than it makes feel awesome saying i have followers like am great resistance war lord.


(image from http://www.gondwana-collection.com)


Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

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