Pick pocketing scare!!

So today am running around town trying to finish up my business so that i can go home and sleep, and some idiot decides today he should try his luck and try to score the unsuspecting chic. Well jokes on you, you stupid piss poor excuse of man, I have very sensitive shoulders you cannot steal from me.

While his trying to open my bag i feel it and turn, fists up ready to smash in his face but I don’t. Why? a. Am a girl and that would hurt my little fists and b. He might be stronger than me meaning he can beat me up. So after telling him off, amazingly if i do say so myself, I let him go on his merry little way though I wish I had punched him, just to make me feel better…


(image from google: shutter stock)


Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

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