What could be more dramatic in romantic scenes in action movies

You know that part in action movies when the male lead is going into a situation where he could die, hence he gives the female lead a kiss of lifetime and then he walks out of the door. For me that part doesn’t do it for me. Its not enough drama not enough blood. So this is how I see that part: moving speech – check, lifetime kiss – check, guy opens door to go out and bam!! bullet to the head, blood splatters on the chic dramatic music probably opera. And thus making my day. Am just saying that thing about the guy coming back a hero really chafes my skin. Its too predictable. Its an action movie meaning blood, blood and more blood. No lovey dovey crap! Directors, screen writers and everyone else involved c’mon remove predictability!!


(image: from eivindblaker.net)


Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

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