The house of pain and torture aka The Dentist.

Just got back from the dentist and it was HORRIBLE…I cant feel my lips. The worst part of being in a dentist office isn’t just being in that torture chair, its sitting at the waiting room. The noise from beyond the walls will scare you to death. So there I am, sitting, reading a magazine on cars, which is weird since why would a dentist’s office have a mag on cars, then all I hear is the buzzing and drilling noises from the Doc’s office. Am ready to run away but then I look towards the receptionist and she’s on facebook, while am there ready to curl into a ball cry for my mummy. It pissed me off. it would have been nice if she at least looked as freaked out a bit by the fact that someone was getting the jaws drilled. But I guess some people are heartless.

Then its my tun to got to the CHAIR and am scared out of my mind because all the stuff am seeing look like they belong to a serial killer. am sitting there shaking like a leaf and then all my fears are confirmed, she, the dentist, pulls out a huge needle it looks like something used in the 1800’s when they just discovered needles. am not proud to say this but i shed a tear when it went into my mouth. worst experience ever. worse than even when I walked around with my zipper open back in high school.

When i was done I didn’t want to look back but seems lucks not on my side I have to go back next week. All in all, I  did figure one thing out, how to conquer my fear of the dentist. It wouldn’t have been such an awful experience if you couldn’t hear or see what was going on. If I had put on headphones and and an eye mask I would have tolerated it better.




Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

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