Why tom was better than Jerry.

If you were an avid cartoon watcher when you were a kid or even now, you would have at least watched Tom & Jerry once, if  you didn’t am  sorry for your childhood. Anyway most people who watched the cartoon think Jerry was more awesome than Tom but i beg to differ. Tom was resilient, he was an evil genius but because apparently “evil” never wins, his plans were always foiled by a tiny mouse. But he never backed down, he always got up for years and years and years. And if the writers of Tom & Jerry were the people who wrote Happy Tree Friends the endings would have been so different. For those of you who haven’t watched Happy Tree Friends I advise you don’t watch it while eating.

I was so in love with Tom when I was kid, I asked for sweater with his face on it just to show his awesomeness and plus who wants to be walking around with a rat on your chest. Another thing to love about tom was that he was a player. Tom had game. Remember the scene he changed a curtain into a three piece suit? Yep, game!Tom & Jerry made my childhood a thing to remember plus I have some gap years which I don’t remember but i would love to think I was in Tom & Jerry induced coma.



Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

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