Celebrity Break-ups!!

WTF is going on! If you are an avid watcher and follower of celebrity news then you understand their is sort of a craze with celebs breaking up all over. Am just saying its devastating to hear some of this news, I know I need a life to stop following other peoples lives, but c’mon there life is interesting mine is kinda boring unless I leave the house which I don’t, mostly. Anyway, from Mariah and Nick separating which am sad about, to the most devastating of all Ciara and Future called it splitsville. Another thing that’s depressing, claims that Future cheated on Ciara. Who cheats on Ciara!!! Why would you mess that up considering a. she’s your baby mama b. she’s HOT!! (oh, am straight but am not blind either.) c. she’s CIARA!!!…Its distressing to think that someone can cheat on her, what hope do we have of keeping our men from straying.

Tip: Make sure your guy is scared of you, works for me!!


(images from the google) 



Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

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