Thirsting for a hand, craving for a way,

Desire to put behind, lust of the day,

Wanting to forgive, but starving to revenge,

Hungering for the peace, brought on by bliss.




Live. Die. Repeat.

Holy freaking movie gods. Now that was a movie. If you haven’t watched Edge of Tomorrow you are seriously missing out. The tension, the graphics, the story… AWESOME! Am an alien movie buff but this was mind blowing to me. Could have used some more blood but am okay with it. Tom Cruise the star of the movie begins all wimpy and kind of a creep, but by the end he’s the ass kicking hero we all know and love. During the climax of the show all I could think of was this movie could make a freaking great video game, if there isn’t one already! Though am not sure some of us going to be even able to clear level one 🙂 All in All fantastic movie and everyone into action, adventure and alien movies should check it out.


free of pain…

Do you know what I despise the most,

that when I sleep, I see you,

that when am awake, I think of you,

that when I crumble, I need you,

that when I needed you, you left.

Do you know what I desire the most,

that when I looked at you, I didn’t cringe,

that when I talked to you, I grew numb,

that when I saw you, I gave you a chance,

that when you had the chance, you didn’t look away.

But do you know what I feel now,

that I can walk without the chains,

that I can laugh without pretence,

that I can smile and it be real,

I feel free of the pain.


Broken but still smiling…

Heartache with a smile, loving with a frown,

Secrets of my soul, buried deep in my heart,

Shattered by  your kiss, by the emotion held within,

Lost in the vastness of the mind, that is torn by the fear  in the eyes.

Forgotten, denied the joy of your touch,

And the brightness of your smile,

Pooling at your feet, the tears of my pride,

Keeping pace, with one that got away.


Things that went wrong on Saturday…

I was looking forward to the weekend just like everybody else, and mine was going to be extra awesome cause I was being paid to go watch a rugby game. Turns out all was not as it seemed. I don’t know how things went wrong so fast but I should have known from the moment I woke up that my day was going to be horrible… Things that went wrong on Saturday;

  1. Woke at 6 am on a Saturday!!
  2. Had to get to work at 7 am on a Saturday!
  3. Got lost on my way to work so I was late.
  4. Couldn’t watch the game since I was stuck in the entertainment zone where you couldn’t see into the stadium.
  5. Had to walk around talking  and smiling to people who couldn’t be bothered to listen.
  6. Was wearing pinchy shoes so I got blisters and could hardly walk.
  7. Got sunburns.
  8. Got hit on by drunk guys who couldn’t see that I was too tired too even tolerate them.
  9. On my way home i stepped into sewage and it was at that point that I decided to cry .

If you had an even worst Saturday than mine I am deeply saddened for you. Worst Saturday ever!! If yesterday was a dog, I’d shoot it.



Eyes are the mirror to the soul.

Eyes are the mirrors to the soul… yeah right! I’ve never understood that phrase, what does really mean? Are eyes two way mirrors and the soul is like a criminal in a holding cell or what? This led to my quest today, I decided to investigate the truth of this statement. So I went around looking into people’s eyes hoping to see someone soul doing the macarena or something, but sadly I just looked crazy and other people thought I was trying to hit on them. So, I still don’t understand it and now I can change my name to weirdo because of all the staring I did.