Angry Birds defines awesomeness.

Angry birds has got to be the best and most frustrating game in the world. there are few reasons why i love and hate Angry birds. Why I love angry birds: it lets me channel my violent tendencies in a good untiring way (am very unathletic), its anger management. Why i hate angry birds: you when you lose a game and those stupid pigs give you that smile, it jacks up my  blood pressure to the point of throwing my phone into a wall. Why i love angry birds: Have you seen the posters of angry bird with a little bird Anakin Skywalker (star wars people), there’s even a little Yoda…i love Yoda, “angry birds you play, fun you will have”. Why i hate angry birds: there’s just some episodes that are unpassable when you are bored with nothing better to do, thus frustrating me. Why i love angry birds: it has CARTOONS!!!! if you have read my blog before then you would know that I love love cartoons so add that to video games and I will love you. Why i hate angry birds: ahhh mmmh i cant thing of anything else. soo yeah that’s it. Am going to play angry birds till my brain numbs see yah!!! 😛



Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

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