drunk bus = police station at 12am…

Taking the bus can be hassle but at night its so much fun. All the crazies come out. Last night after a job I took the bus home as usual, it was probably around 11 pm meaning all the early drunks are going home. This woman was sitting in front of me so drunk she can’t see straight, starts complaining loudly about how the bus conductor  stole her money, Kshs 1000 around $10. She starts claiming she only had that cash in her bag and she gave it to him. I ended up in a police station at 12 am for $10. Funny part was turns out the money was still in her bag so she ends up in jail which will cost her way more to get out than 10 bucks!! Poor woman was like 50 something year old and she was trying to steal from a bus conductor. SAD!! The extra sad part was I was seeing all this happen while I was sober on the drunk bus.



Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

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