Guys can be cat ladies too…

The world is going nuts and this oldish guy from Florida is leading the parade to crazy town. Am browsing the net and I come along this article “50 dead cats found in freezer in Florida home”. Of course I open it who wouldn’t. Am reading through the article, getting creeped out by the minute and this is what I find out. Its not full cat bodies in the freezer, though its weird enough that there are 50 dead casts in the first place, its just the heads. On top of that he has 30 cats running around his house, dirty litter boxes and all. I know people are weird but this is just insane. Psychotic much. To top it off the cops found this because he was being investigated for 3 counts of child pornography. The world is on its way down and this guy has a first class ticket. to check out the story go to



Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

4 thoughts on “Guys can be cat ladies too…”

      1. Ridiculous! I’m a big animal lover anyway but even people who don’t care should take an interest because if you’re capable of doing that to an innocent cat, you could do it to a person!! 😦

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