Which superhero are you?

Me and my brother are kinda geeks so a few Sundays ago we found this website with all kinds of tests to find out what kind of person you are. One of the test were what comic book character are you? Turns out am deadpool. The mentally unstable mercenary who’s known for being excessively talkative and humorous. This is totally me. At least 5 people have told me I need to see a psychiatrist, 2 of which are family members.  I always prefer the villains to the heroes, best example I love the joker, its the psychotic smile that does it for me. I also talk way more than I should and I think am funny. And the most importantly I want abs like his.  Anyway, everyone should tryout this test, so check it out here http://www.quizony.com/which-superhero-are-you/1.html



Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

10 thoughts on “Which superhero are you?”

  1. That question about if you save an old lady from a car and no-one sees it what do you do? “tell the story to everyone who will listen”? YEP! ha ha ha.

    Here’s my result:) –

    You are most like:


    You didn’t ask for these superpowers, but now the safety of others is your responsibility.

    Cici thanks for this, very fun!!!

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      1. You are like cat woman!! Promise 🙂

        I’m bloody spiderman, I have a suspicious web that just springs out of me. What?! And I don’t like spiders.

        That question made me giggle, it’s like, yep, I’d definitely go running saying “guess what just happened!” in a really loud voice “GUESS WHAT I JUST HAD TO DO!”

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