From the ashes I will rise.

The battle I might have lost,

The wounds I might have attained,

The loss I might I have sustained,

The tears I might have wept,

All will pale,

From the war I will wage,

From the broken I will mend,

From the gift I will send,

From the laughter I will bring,

Cause from the ashes I will rise,

And like a phoenix I will thrive!



Reality is imagination.

If reality is my imagination,

Then what’s real and what’s not,

How do I perceive truth,

My imagination is freedom,

Freedom from the pain of truth,

Imprisoned by lies, emotions of deception,

I run in my mind,

Stumbling in a maze of fear,

Escaping reality,

For reality is my imagination.


Blurred living…

A missing piece,

A stolen moment,

A forgotten dream,

A lost smile,

Removed from you,

All I can feel is the loss,

Of a future, seen in the stars

But forsaken in the universe,

Without the freedom

To remember a day,

Of laughter,

Of joy,

Of peace of mind,

Living a present where everything is a blur.



I know we said our goodbyes,

But was it forever?

You said we could be friends,

But did you mean it?

I counted on the belief,

That your word was true,

For without you,

Even as friend,

I feel incomplete…



Walk with me…

Baring you soul can be the hardest thing you ever do,

But with you it felt right,

I felt safe enough to tell you I cared,

To tell you I needed you without fear,

Without a thought, I spoke up,

Unveiled every deep desire,

Wishes of a past, a present, a future,

Cause time is a burden,

Without someone to walk with.