How come all vampires and werewolves are good fighters?

Have you ever wondered why, in all vampire and werewolf movies or books, the characters always know how to fight even though they had just been turned like 5 minutes ago? Does vampirism or the werewolf gene give you mad martial skills or what? Someone should look at this phenomenon cause am stumped.



Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

32 thoughts on “How come all vampires and werewolves are good fighters?”

      1. Let me know if this is true!! I might try as well with my bread board πŸ™‚

        It’s funny, the more I think about EVERY vampire movie or TV show I’ve watched….yep they can fight.

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      2. Am up to bribing him with food but he wants money…Where is this world going to? When I was his age cookies could make me do anything. My loyalty can still be bought by cookies.

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      3. Ha ha, well don’t worry it’s got to the be the kindest form of torture.

        Brilliant!! I’ve never done that, but I wish now I had! Could I still do it? At 28? Or would I look like a bad person? πŸ™‚

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      4. It would be a nice way to go, Death by cookies!

        No way! You would be molding a young mind on how not be dumb enough to eat mud the next time. Its practically a public service!

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    1. I love true blood but didn’t that chic Bill mentors just change and start fighting like a pro without training? I have’t seen the next season of The Originals but its on my to do list. Klaus is just too awesome to not be watched.

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    1. I know! All the characters of vampire diaries and its spin off (The Originals) have weird dysfunctional families. Immortality makes for a nutty family especially if they were nuts before they became immortal.

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