Perfect eyebrows… An impossible task.

I am not vain but I have eye brow issues. You know how in magazines, movies  and every other professional photo you always see these women with perfect eyebrows, where both eyebrows are similar in size? Apparently I cant have that or at least almost similar sized eyebrows. They always look different no matter if I do them myself or have it done  at the salon. Maybe somethings are just not meant to be.



Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

35 thoughts on “Perfect eyebrows… An impossible task.”

      1. I know… Doesn’t help the fact that you know that they’re lying to your face when the same people want something that you have …. 🙂

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      2. lol! No one likes jail, you just claim temporal insanity, they put you in a minimal security prison and give you community service for a year. That isn’t so bad!


  1. My eyebrows have a serious personality disorder so I feel your pain. Best advice a beauty therapist ever gave me is “eyebrows are sisters, not twins”. So I suppose we should celebrate their uniqueness. Easier said than done I guess!

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    1. lol! Its really hard to just accept since I look in a mirror daily and I don’t want to see my face being uneven. But good advice. I think I have to make a tshirt out of it, “we are sisters not twins” with big bushy eyebrows on top of the words… 😛


      1. That would be a class I would actually stay awake for.
        Eye liner is a poison, it always ends up in my eye and feels weird so I just decided to do without it too.
        I love heels but they are torture I have them just to put on display.

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      2. I buy these ridiculous shoes and then….never wear them. But I “can’t get rid of them” because I ‘might’ wear them one day.

        Some of my friends wear heels ALL the time, I just don’t get it. I like to feel safe when I walk 🙂

        I gave up with eyeliner too, I don’t think I have the right eyes (or skills!) it’s meant to make your eyes look bigger right? Just makes mine look small and piggy!!!



      3. Me too. I have it in my head that I would learn to walk in them soon so I just keep them. I prefer being comfortable and safe. If I could where sneakers to work I would.
        Eyeliner is supposed to make your eyes bigger? I already have that I want them to be smaller.

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      4. Oh I’m envious!! I want big eyes!! (and not from jam jar glasses!)

        Snap, I prefer being comfortable and safe too. It’s no fun being all dressed up if you have nowhere to go (literally) because you’re scared of falling over! Or walking like an idiot. Which I would be.

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      5. Why would you want big eyes? Apart from all the funny faces you get to make.

        Lol! Its funny though, to see people walking around in heels and looking like they want to fall over or just crawl on their hands and knees to get off their feet! 😀

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      6. Big eyes are beautiful! 🙂 funny faces are good too.

        Exactly!! I’d rather wear wellington boots than heels, if it means walking normally and not fearing stairs, rain or wobbly pavements!

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      7. Wearing heels requires a plan and a back up plan just in case…
        Which eyes are you looking at cause for me when I hear big eyes I see Gollum from lord of the rings in my head!

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      8. Gollum!!!! Ha ha.

        I know what you mean but I’m still thinking beautiful!!

        Um okay I can’t think of any shining examples right now haha not a great start!

        But you know what I mean 🙂 o_o

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