I smoked a tree root…

Yes, that means exactly what it says. I did smoke a tree root when I was around 9, so it wasn’t my fault. I had an underdeveloped brain and the tree root smoke stunted the growth of my underdeveloped brain, so Yeeeiii!!!! For those who have kids, trees are harmful to your child’s health. Keep them out of reach of children. So is fire but you can let them have that, they need scars. And I just realized smoking that tree root is the reason I don’t smoke cigarettes and I have never tried weed. So give your kids tree roots and matches, might save them from a black lung and a half dead brain.


Oceans of death.

I know most people love the ocean but I hate it. Okay its more of a love – hate relationship. Oceans are like pools of death. A very large pool but still a pool. From tiny sea urchins to huge freaking sharks, all add up to pain and death. Then, there’s tsunamis. Why would I wan’t to be anywhere where I could drown when I sleep? Am sorry for all you ocean lovers, but come on, I can not be the only one. It might look all pretty and beautiful but like Beyonce says, Pretty hurts.


(Image; videogame.desktopnexus.com)

Death of a society…

Am a disease,

I don’t kill,

I fester,

I destroy,

I bring down civilizations,

I require only one word,

One action,

One moment,

And it all comes down.

I might not kill,

But am contagious,

From one individual,

One city,

One country,

One continent,

And the world burns.

You might not know me,

I exist for that reason alone,

Infect, a pandemic begins,

Cure is simple,

But again, you do not care,

Hence I thrive,

And you wither,

For I am Ignorance.


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Ignorance at its best…or at its worst, really!

I cannot even begin to understand the ignorance that our society lives in.  A woman was stripped in Kenya, just because she was wearing a miniskirt. Just because you do not understand someones choice does not make it wrong. Open a book and maybe you will learn the effing constitution. The Kenyan constitution says everyone has the right to inherent dignity and to have it respected, and am quoting directly from the constitution. Some woman used the constitution as an excuse for the act.  Also, every human has the right to an education so use that right and get some. Ignorance is a disease that hinders the advancement of our society, so the next time you cry for why the country is dragging behind look in a mirror.
#mydressmychoice #ignorance #education #discrimination #socialhealth

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Throwing the ring away…

Since am woman, I have watched a couple of romantic movies and I have come to the conclusion that, throwing away the ring, is the stupidest thing a chic can do. No offense, but why the hell would you throw away a ring because your idiot of a fiancee cheated or broke off the engagement. I know a broken heart hurts but come on, sell the ring and buy shoes, they will make you happier. Don’t waste it by throwing it away, the ultimate payback is just moving on without being bitter. I would even say give it back if its too much for you to keep. Plus some of them are just to pretty to throw away…


Horror movies are educational…

Most people do not understand why I love horror movies so much, my standard answer is usually that they are extremely educational. Why?Simple, horror movies have made me extremely paranoid to the point am almost sure my death will not be as a result an ax murderer. My paranoia has led to; I don’t go to investigate weird noises at night,  if a weirdo calls my house and doesn’t talk, I hang up without insulting them, am nice to everyone just in case they have anger issues, I don’t go to ask for shelter/help/ or direction in creepy buildings (wrong turn), I don’t walk in small alleyways, I don’t go camping or hiking in forests ( this is mostly cause am a couch potato 😛 ), also no ouija boards are allowed in my house. Anyway, these are just some of the reasons why everyone should start watching horror movies, it might save your life.



I thought it was just an author trying to make her book funny, but its true. National Pancake day is real!! AHHHHH!!! (That was me shrieking like a little girl). I think I found heaven. A day dedicated to pancake and for a good cause. IHOP hosts a day where they give free pancakes and clientele leave a donation which goes to charities in the communities they operate in. I knew pancakes will one day save the world and now its actually happening. I really love pancakes and now they are finally being appreciated…My world is Complete.