Ignorance at its best…or at its worst, really!

I cannot even begin to understand the ignorance that our society lives in.  A woman was stripped in Kenya, just because she was wearing a miniskirt. Just because you do not understand someones choice does not make it wrong. Open a book and maybe you will learn the effing constitution. The Kenyan constitution says everyone has the right to inherent dignity and to have it respected, and am quoting directly from the constitution. Some woman used the constitution as an excuse for the act.  Also, every human has the right to an education so use that right and get some. Ignorance is a disease that hinders the advancement of our society, so the next time you cry for why the country is dragging behind look in a mirror.
#mydressmychoice #ignorance #education #discrimination #socialhealth

(image: trutube.tv)


Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

2 thoughts on “Ignorance at its best…or at its worst, really!”

    1. The worst part about it was some woman was actually agreeing with stripping the other lady. I go crazy when idiots like these are allowed a voice in the media. If you are an ignorant ass keep it to yourself.

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