Oceans of death.

I know most people love the ocean but I hate it. Okay its more of a love – hate relationship. Oceans are like pools of death. A very large pool but still a pool. From tiny sea urchins to huge freaking sharks, all add up to pain and death. Then, there’s tsunamis. Why would I wan’t to be anywhere where I could drown when I sleep? Am sorry for all you ocean lovers, but come on, I can not be the only one. It might look all pretty and beautiful but like Beyonce says, Pretty hurts.


(Image; videogame.desktopnexus.com)


Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

8 thoughts on “Oceans of death.”

    1. I will never get how you got over that fear. Every time I go to or think about the beach I start hyperventilating thinking of all the stuff that could go wrong. Plus, my love for shark and piranha movies, does not help much…

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