It will be lonely this Christmas

Drinking and driving, don’t do it, it’s dumb and could destroy and ruin peoples lives. Don’t endanger others by your carelessness.

It will be lonely this Christmas

Because my wife will not be by my side,

6 x 6 foot room

With four grey walls surround me

A prison cell 

That’s why it will be lonely this Christmas

Because last year I got drunk

And knocked A little child  down,

So It will be lonely this Christmas

I deserved what I got,

3 years in prison that’s isn’t a lot

I took child’s life,

So That’s why I can’t see my wife

I will be lonely this Christmas,

That’s what I have to sacrifice

By Thomas Sims

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Merry Christmas!!!

It is that time of the year again and am wishing you all happy holidays. And now for the snarky portion of this post 😀 What is with the pine trees, glittery decorations, and overspending of this time of the year. For just one day, people spend more than they do the whole year, then come next week they are borrowing money for rent. I understand the need to be jolly and merry, but how about spend what you can afford and still enjoy yourself with your family and friends. Another thing, Santa Claus. How is celebrating the birth of Christ mesh with a big guy in a red and white suit with red nosed flying reindeer. I wish I could understand how this came to be but sadly I don’t.


Creepiness in Romance novels…

I love romance novels as much as the other chic – or guy 😉 – but somethings about them are just creepy, especially paranormal romance (my favorites). For example, a woman saying she cant wait for his seed to grow in her. WTF!! Is he a tree? Are you having Groot’s baby? Who talks like that? Imagine in reality, you are talking to your friends and you say something like, “I have his seed growing in me…” In the next few minutes, Area 51 agents will storm the place and take you to their secret lab for alien baby testing. Plus, who daydreams about being impregnated with seed? I think I had that nightmare once and it still haunts me.


Eyebrows obsession…

Ever since I wrote that post about perfect eyebrows, I have become obsessed with perfect eyebrows. I see them everywhere and judge them whether they are good or bad. Movies, magazines, billboards, even pictures on packages all I see are eyebrows. It’s becoming a mental hazard. Maybe all those people who told me I need a shrink were right…

(image – rotten ecards)

Chocolate, yogurt & cake diet…

I was sick recently and while I was at the triade or triage, whatever that word is, nurse station, they did there thing and told me I was underweight and I need to gain a few more pounds. So I took there advice and nowadays my problems are simple,is there’s chocolate in my yogurt? My piece of cake is too small? I love my life, too bad my dental bills are going to go up… Chocolate = Health.

Hugh Jackman needs a happy ending in a movie…

If you watch his movies closely you’ll see that he never gets the girl in some of his movies. Examples; Wolverine, his wife betrays him then she dies. Xmen, he loves Jean but she’s with Cyclops, and when he finally acts on it, he kills her. Van Helsing, He’s into Anna, makes his move and he ends up killing her accidentally. Seriously, his characters need a happy ending. It’s too much death!

Little huge details I ignored…

If you are a vampire movie buff then you have watched Van Helsing. I have watched it more than 20 times and I have never realized something very important. Hugh Jackman is Van Helsing. WTF! Am I blind! How have I missed this??? I am so disappointed in myself, its depressing. The 2nd detail is Kate Beckinsale, from Underworld, top ten vampire movie for me, is Anna. I missed two of my favorite actor and actress, in one of my best movies. My world is unbalanced…