Creepiness in Romance novels…

I love romance novels as much as the other chic – or guy 😉 – but somethings about them are just creepy, especially paranormal romance (my favorites). For example, a woman saying she cant wait for his seed to grow in her. WTF!! Is he a tree? Are you having Groot’s baby? Who talks like that? Imagine in reality, you are talking to your friends and you say something like, “I have his seed growing in me…” In the next few minutes, Area 51 agents will storm the place and take you to their secret lab for alien baby testing. Plus, who daydreams about being impregnated with seed? I think I had that nightmare once and it still haunts me.



Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

11 thoughts on “Creepiness in Romance novels…”

  1. LOL! You know they say seed just because its better than saying sperm or egg, right? The women who do that tend to be very technical. And when it’s in a book it is usually put in just because it gives fine detail and description.

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