Inside out.

Ever wondered what is going on inside someone’s head? Well wonder no more, Disney has the solution in its next animation “Inside out”. Those little voices inside your head, now have a face. Is it weird that am this excited over a cartoon? Who cares! Friday June 19th is booked. Plans sealed and cannot be broken. Watch the teaser and tell me what you think?


Weekend Update.

Giving you messed up plans for the weekend…” target=”_blank”>


Relationship Reaper.

I don’t know why people keep asking me for relationship advice, since I ruin all of mine. Am kind of a relationship grim reaper. I end relationships, even those that are not mine. I actually bet about how long my friends relationships are going to last. I really need therapy or start drinking, cause this is messed up. Best relationship advice I can give is, DON’T ASK ME!!


Hump Day…

Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.

Freaky world, Scared Cici.

The world is getting freakier everyday and me, myself and Jerry (the cricket in my head who advises me), are getting scared. Why its a scary world and you should probably not get out of bed;

  1. Baby boom. Over the past year from the celebrity world to my own personal piece of the world, babies have been everywhere. Its actually a conversation starter now, “Hello Cici, is that your baby?” No, that child standing beside me is not mine. He was there when I got here. Thank you!
  2. Conspiracy theorists aka Google. Not long ago there was the Chinese baby soup miracle virility cure. “PAUSE, Are you kidding me?”, asks Jerry. If you haven’t read the story, like Jerry, I won’t post a link cause all pics are seriously demented and not for persons under the age of 1000, you can just google Chinese baby soup. From baby boom to baby soup, am thinking maybe I need new search terms to avoid going nuts before am old and greying.
  3. Telenovelas. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen almost all of them. I get there are hot guys without shirts with awesome accents on the shows, but does that really require a daily following? WAIT!! Yes it does!! 😛 But am still not watching a Novela.

Before I bore you, am at the end, watch “This is the end” cause its an awesome movie and will color your Monday, Purple.


(image: Google :P)

Purple Monday…

Painting Monday blues, purple. Couldn’t be red, Its Monday!

Lets be cops.

If you haven’t watched this movie, you are missing out . Funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Holy fudge!! Am not even going to do spoilers I want you to have the full experience without messing anything for you. Don’t even go out today, stay in and watch this movie. Its better than booze!!

Just in case heres a link to its trailer…


Weekend Update.

Giving you messed up plans for the weekend…

Hobbit 3: Battle of the Five Armies.

WTF!! They killed Kili. I have never cried that much because of a movie. Stupid orcs killed Kili. That was depressing. Am kinda happy I didn’t go to watch it at the cinemas, that would have been embarrassing. Either way, it is an amazing movie though I missed Gollum, even if I have an irrational fear of him eating my toes. The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit Trilogy are my kind of Friday plans even if I would have changed minor details about them. like Kili not dying!!!!


Weekend Update.

Giving you messed up plans for the weekend..

Dreams let gone.

I ruined us, when I walked,

Lost myself, when I let go.

I looked back once, did you know?

Mistakes are common,

I thought this was.

I asked, that one time,

If it could be?

Was not to be, an answer I got.

Life went on.

A flurry of grey clouds,

Existing, a wraith of my old self,

No direction, no path.

Just a flicker in the sky,

A dying star,

The shadows whispered…


To be continued…


Cliché date answers…

So tell me about yourself? This has got to be the stupidest question ever. Not because I don’t know myself, I don’t 😛 but because the normal answers suck…

  • I like long walks on the beach. No, the ocean sucks, sand in weird places and long walks, are you kidding me? I hate walking.
  • I love moonlight picnics. One word, Mosquitoes.

Why cant we tell the truth?

  • I like sleeping in, everyday.
  • These are not my real boobs, push up bra ssshhhh! 😉

Yeah, you are never going to see him again!

Excuse me not posting yesterday but we did not have power for two days hence the late posting.


Hump Day…

Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.