Series I can’t wait to watch…

Izombie: Do you remember Veronica Mars? Well this series is basically  Veronica Mars as a zombie. Awesome right! A zombie fighting crime while eating brains… Mind Blown!! Can’t wait! 😀

Dig: The end is already here! It aired yesterday and I can’t believe I missed it… Am not sure how to even describe this, its that good. But cults, murder and betrayal, what more do you need?

Hitman: Agent 47: Not a series but a movie I cant wait to see either. Agent 47 is an Engineered human who act as an assassin. And he’s gone rogue. Plus, just an added bonus Zachary Quinto is part of the cast.

Avengers: Age of Ultron:  New super villain, new characters and Chris Hemsworth, a movie worth waiting for, IMPATIENTLY.

That, my dears, is just the beginning of what is waiting for you this year in terms of movies and series. Its a great year ahead…



Weekend Update.

Giving you messed up plans for the weekend…


Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

4 thoughts on “Series I can’t wait to watch…”

    1. Ohhh Star Wars!! Had totally forgotten about that one. I totally get what you are saying though. Like, I was so excited about Hobbit 3, then they had to go and kill Kili. Messed up!

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