“You dump me, I break you” songs…

First, how awesome is that idea of dumping someone with pizza, I wouldn’t even be mad about the break up. PIZZA!! Now  back on topic, a terrible time in your life can be better with the right song. Just channel that getting dumped funk into anger and break his/her car… I have violent tendencies. Anyway back to my list of “you dumped me I break you” songs…

Jasmine Sullivan – Bust your windows.

Makes me happy every time I listen to it.

Adele – Rumor has it.

Cause you know am over you.

Christine Perri – Jar of hearts.

I knew men were soul thieves.

And finally,

Taylor Swift – We are never getting back together.

I had to add it!!

Well that’s it, I couldn’t think of anything else. 😛


(image; dailyedge.ie)

Hump Day…

Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.


Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

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