Be here…

Be here...




A fairy lost…

I lost a dear friend today, one of my best friends from childhood. We met when we were 7 year old and bonded over pink everything and barbie everything. She was the best person I’ve ever met and the world just lost an amazing person. People will miss out on meeting her, hearing her amazing laugh, her awesome style, her huge personality in a tiny body, basically everything. Am not even sure what am writing but I had to share her with everyone, everyone needed to know her. To know the amazing person we loved, I loved. The person they have been cheated from knowing. Just, RIP my love, the angels in heaven needed you that’s why you left us. But you will never be forgotten in our hearts, in our lives, will always remember, my pink fairy. My Best Friend for Life.


forever posh

Forever with you…

You were friend

You were my sister,

You were my love.

We bonded over our insane love of Barbie when we were 7 years old.

You taught me to care, you taught me love, you taught me friendship.

You taught me that friendship is not separated by time,

Its not measured, its not quantified.

Its about how you feel about the other.

You were a part of me,

Will always be a part of me.

Forever my love.

I will see you again.

My pink fairy.