I knew it was bad…

So am kind of obsessed with fitness, mostly having abs, thus I watch a lot of videos and read a lot, on what to eat and not to eat. Yes, I follow like 10% of the advice πŸ˜› but its working-ish. Anyway, one thing I’ve always been against was whole wheat bread. It tastes bad and empty. So I don’t eat it no matter how many people tell me its good for me. I was looking through some websites and this nutritionist made my day. WHOLE WHEAT BREAD IS BAD!!! According to Isabel De Los Rios, (isn’t her name awesome, sounds like a town you go to party), of Beyond Diet, it actually makes you add weight! Its a long explanation so check it out yourself by visiting her site: http://slim.beyonddiet.com

The point of this post is to gloat that my taste buds are awesome… And since that goal is accomplished πŸ˜€ Have yourself a great Purple Monday!


(image: dailyjamesfitnessblog)

Purple Monday…

Painting Monday blues, purple. Couldn’t be red, Its Monday!


Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

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