Bad dye jobs & hair growth remedies…

dyeAround February I got a pretty bad dye job, not that i hated the color, but because my hair was falling out in clumps, hales or whatever you want to call it. I know freaky!! :O For a person who has never shaved her hair a day in her life, apart from little snips here and there, I was in tears when I went to the salon and had them shave off 70% of my hair. So warning to everyone out there who is getting a dye job, AVOID PEROXIDE!! It will only end in tears.

A_Girl_Throwing_a_Tantrum_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_110323-150972-335053So now am stalking every possible video, blog, article, spam email, I can find on how to grow back hair quickly. Sadly, most of the spam emails are scams, videos show products I can’t find, blogs have weird recipes, eg I found one saying I should wash my hair with onion and radish juice, in my head I could already smell the ewww-ness I would be exuding!! The progress am making, not so bad since I’ve been growing it without any products for the past 4 months. But now am gonna stick to the basics; Castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, some herbs and a lot of PRAYERS! One of the products am falling for is Jamaican Black Castor oil, it retails for about $10  and in Kenya that like Kshs950, our economy sucks so thats a lot, like worth two large pizzas a lot, or can last a family more than week a lot. The lengths we women will go to, to look good…


Purple Monday…

Painting Monday blues, purple. Couldn’t be red, Its Monday!


Author: Cici

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17 thoughts on “Bad dye jobs & hair growth remedies…”

      1. I really wanted a picture, hehe!! Everyone in their teens was awkward! I used to wear these sandals with really huge soles and I was so skinny my legs looked like tooth picks. Back then i used to feel so fashionable now am like WTH! Someone should have said something…

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  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that ): Fish Oil vitamins make my hair grow FAST. If you can find prenatal vitamins they’ll help too. It works so well that my Hub has to stop taking it…can’t afford haircuts every other week lol. The vitamins are cheap and you can get em pretty much anywhere now.

    Til then get some cute accessories and rock your new buzz. Cheers! (:

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    1. Thanks! I actually heard something about fish oil but in my head i kept picturing the cod oil my mum used to force us to take when we were kids. YUCK!! But i’ll try anything to grow it back. 😀
      Prenatal? They work?
      I have been wearing so many hats and turbans my head is getting a new shape..

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      1. Eew no, no cod! These are like gel caps you swallow like a pill lol. Some ppl say they have “fish burps” later but I never did. Worth it tho, at least til your hair grows back! Still can’t believe they did that to you…those Pinterest remedies and miracle grow things are all a bust…watched my sister go thru it last yr because she shaved her OWN head lol. And prenatal a are great…I think we’re supposed to start taking them at puberty but nobody ever told us haha. Good luck with all of that though! Cheers!

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      2. Well i had fish for diner so that’s one supplement down for today… why did she shave her head?
        Ha! I knew there was something they forgot to tell us 😛
        Thanks for the advice tho’ will see how it goes…
        Cheers!! 🙂

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  2. Hi Hun I am a hairdresser. The only way you could of got rid of the damaged hair is to cut it off but you will find it will grow back quicker this way as the hair left should be healthier! Still keep having regular trims; do not be scared took get a trim but leave it around 8-10 weeks and just asked for the ends off to keep it healthy this way it will grow healthier and quicker. Make sure you eat lots of foods rich in oils like fish as this will keep your hair glossy and shiny too. You may also want to try a treatment on your hair to help strengthen it. Try redken’s extreme range of shampoo and conditioners as well as strengthening treatments it’s full of protein to help your hair grow stronger. Hope this helps! Xxx

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    1. Hey. Thank you so much, this was alot of help. I cut off all the permed hair now my hair is totally natural. And am kind of loving it. I haven’t trimmed it in a while though, maybe I’ll do it next time am at the salon. Oh, and am definitely looking for those shampoos, conditioners and treatment. My bathroom is about to go totally girly!!

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