Flu season??

PigFluCartoonWhile people are enjoying summer I think its winter here in Kenya. I live near the equator you would think it would be warm year round but you would be wrong. I am freezing and have a flu that could lead me to being quarantined, if my brother knew how to get a hold of CDC. I am not fit for human interactions. So until I say bye bye Flu, this is my form of communication. Woohoo loner!!!


(Wednesday’s post a little late..)(image: flickr)

Hump Day…

Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.


Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

6 thoughts on “Flu season??”

      1. I heard you guys heard a horrible winter. I would probably be in the ICU cause i’ll be a popsicle.
        Hehe… Weirdly i love rain cause I get to wear all the sweaters and boots I keep buying. (closet shopaholic).

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