Interviews are like First Dates…

If you are an adult or think yourself an adult or pretending to be an adult for other peoples sake – am the 3rd option, shhhh!!– then you have been to an interview and/or a first date. So this applies to pretty much everyone.

Interviews and dates are really just the same thing and how you handle them is exactly the same. Same stupid questions that you lie through your teeth to answer. It’s all about the little – eh nope, MAJOR – embellishments that make you look better than the competition.

Still don’t believe me, here are some characteristics of a first date and an interview.


Interview: Dress to impress in that one sole outfit you own that is corporate, stylish a little sexy but still decent, that you will never wear to work again.

First Date: Dress to impress in that one outfit that will say am amazing, not clingy, stylish and sexy but you can still take me to meet your family, that you will never wear to meet him again. Wow, that’s a lot of expectations for a dress. Jeez!!

Basically, you will want to dress in a way that say I don’t spend all day in sweats and a ratty t’shirt for both occasions.


The most stupidest question in the world is usually asked in these situations. You know the one, “So tell me about yourself?” Its like setting yourself up to be lied to.

Interviews: Your answer has to be short well thought out with a lot of words like organized, works well with others and generally BS that shows you are not a slob and you love everyone and everything. When in reality you actually watch YouTube videos during work hours, you hate people, and organized is a word you learned last night when googling interview answers.

First date: You answer should show you are not flighty but have a sense of humor, you are motivated and work hard to get what you have and want. Reality? You are inwardly hoping he will pay for the meal and possibly your cab fare. You would lose your phone if you weren’t always playing candy crash on it.  And the only person who thinks you are funny is your mum and Mrs. Pickles the cat.

Moral of this rant: In both situations embellishments are good, being yourself is bad.


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Relationship Chronicles: The Booty…

Okay I remember a time when we women used to ask a very tough question to men.  Men you know what am talking about. That dreaded question where one answer could either leave you an eunuch at the end of the night or really really happy. Okay I’ll tell you,”Does my ass look big in this dress?” Yes, I just saw the chills run down your spine.

Now times are changing, the bigger the booty the happier your woman is. It’s becoming the norm to get a little extra in the trunk with butt implants and injections or pills and potions. So the question really hasn’t changed and the answer is still a dangerous pitfall for men everywhere. But now as a man, you can tell you better half her ass is huge and she will love you not hit you.

If I just got you maimed or killed, am sorry don’t haunt me cause my body guard ghost, Troy the pit bull, will kick your ass.


Hump Day.

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Own Me…

ballet ownTake my bloody heart,
Keep my tattered soul,
Turn away as I weep,
Walk away as a I scream,
Laugh along as am ridiculed,
Give me back your whole heart,
Hold with yours, my soul together ,
Turn around, wipe my tears,
Come back, soothe my fears,
Fight with me, my battles,
Own me, Forever.


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Couldn’t be Red, its Monday.

What is Office wear?

susie-styles_what-not-to-wear-to-a-christmas-work-party_edith-head-quoteSo today me and a couple others at the office got a good talking to about our dressing. Am a hippie, emo with a lot of old world thrown in type of person . What this means is that am addicted to florals and extremely bright colors with a little black here and there. So really what is office wear?

Apparently, according to my bosses color and patterns are not corporate enough. I should wear blacks, greys and blues and generally unhappy colors and prints to be dressed up enough to pass inspection.

How is color and print a bad thing? I work as a marketing specialist, you would think being bright was a good thing, right?

So people anyone want to give me advice on how to be dull and grey?


Purple Monday.

Couldn’t be red, its Monday.


Hair matters…

So at the beginning of last year I shaved my head. (Ahhhh so scary). If you were with me then you know all the gory details. If you weren’t, then let me cry on your shoulder a bit, I GOT A BAD DYE JOB AND MY HAIR FELL OFF. For more details, before I start wailing, check it out here  bad dye jobs and hair growth remedies .

Anyway, so I was going to do a progress report with pictures, but since am at work and taking selfies on company time is seriously frowned upon, it won’t have pictures. I will update them soon though.

So down to business, I shaved off about 80% of my hair in February, I had an almost shoulder length bob then. Progress after almost a year; My hair is longer that it was before. I gained back all the length and a little more. Its now up to shoulder length. Am rocking that Afro like nobodies business. 😛

Things I’ve realized through out my journey…

  • My hair was so badly damaged before and I didn’t even know it. I have been relaxing my hair since I was in class 2 which I think is the equivalent of 2nd grade.The effects of it had left my hair thin and weak, which made it easy to break off. Hence I was having minimal growth retention and scalp problems all the time. Now, my hair has life so to speak. It rarely falls off and if you discount last weekend where I got a free conditioner sample and like an idiot tried it. My hair fell off and became brittle but my saving joy, coconut and avocado oil. Its back to almost normal and lets just say even with that experience my hair has never felt this great. Moral; don’t use free samples!
  • Mini braids work best (for me) as a protective style. Everyone I talked to emphasized doing protective styling to help maintain your hair. Its good to find what works for you and not try everything out there. Why it works for me? I don’t have to keep disturbing my hair with new styles everyday. It’s easy to manage. Easy access when washing and applying oils and creams.  I ensure the products I use reach every strand and my scalp. Moral; Find what works for you.
  • Lastly, don’t expect results overnight. Don’t get drawn in by catchy marketing ad’s and use all products that promise instant growth. Nothing really does. Moral; Don’t believe the hype.

My advice from the lessons I’ve learned.

  • Try simple things, like the LOC method (Liquid – Oil – Cream) which helps keeps your hair moisturized.
  • Find good shampoos and conditioners that don’t leave your hair dry and brittle. That is, stay away from products with sulfates and paraben.
  • Always detangle your hair while wet. It eases the process and offers less breakage.
  • Protective styling is a must, especially if your hair is natural. It lessens the amount of stress to your hair which in turn helps you retain length.

That’s pretty much it for this very long post. The longest I’ve done so far I think. Making this a new milestone as well the celebration of my hair growth 😀

Have a good Friday people. Also comment and give insights on your hair journey and experiences I would love to hear from you.


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