Heroes in the Real World

Heroes are not the men and women we read about in books or watch in movies. They are not fictional characters we wish were real. They are everyday men and women who stand among us but have the mental strength, morality and belief that we are all equal and deserve equal treatment.

A few weeks back here in Kenya, a group of Muslims stood their ground against militants who attacked a bus on its way to Mandera from Nairobi city. As the militants told the men and women to divide between the Muslims and the non Muslims, this group stood up for the non Muslims and refused to be separated. They are quoted saying,”If you are going to kill them you have to kill us as well.”

Covering the others, using their bodies to shield them, the militants opened fire on them injuring most and at least killing two. Today one of the heroes from this attack succumbed to his wounds according to a report by one of the national radios in the country.

Today we should celebrate and commend these men and women who will fight what is right, without prejudice or bias, who see everyone as being equal and deserving.

Today we should all try to be like them. Peace is just a step away. A step in the right direction.



Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

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