Pizza Hut in the Building

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Okay so I really shouldn’t be this excited about another foreign business coming into Kenya and stealing away all our business.(#secondwaveofcolonization)But come on its Pizza and so much more.

On my way to work today I saw the beautiful Red from the bus window and lets just say I freaked. Possibly drooled a little as well. As a connoisseur of everything junk food, I can’t wait to go taste everything they got. But also from a business stand point I have to ask is this really a good move?

Kenyans have the habit of loving something for the first few months then we get bored. Examples, KFC, Coldstone, Dominos, Teriyaki and all the others I’ve been to most of them at least once and haven’t gone back again. Reasons, location, price and I have to be out of my pj’s to go. So really all the best Pizza Hut, I will be visiting you as soon as 5 o’clock gets here.



Hump day.

Weird facts you don’t wan’t to know but I’ll tell you anyway.



Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

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