What is Office wear?

susie-styles_what-not-to-wear-to-a-christmas-work-party_edith-head-quoteSo today me and a couple others at the office got a good talking to about our dressing. Am a hippie, emo with a lot of old world thrown in type of person . What this means is that am addicted to florals and extremely bright colors with a little black here and there. So really what is office wear?

Apparently, according to my bosses color and patterns are not corporate enough. I should wear blacks, greys and blues and generally unhappy colors and prints to be dressed up enough to pass inspection.

How is color and print a bad thing? I work as a marketing specialist, you would think being bright was a good thing, right?

So people anyone want to give me advice on how to be dull and grey?


Purple Monday.

Couldn’t be red, its Monday.



Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

2 thoughts on “What is Office wear?”

  1. I hope you keep wearing the clothes and colours you love Cici, must say I LOVE the sound of your look! Florals, colours, hippy/emo/old world. Amazing!!!!!

    Corporate = barf.

    I wear fairly traditional, boring office attire but I’m always a little scared of expressing myself. Wow I’ve bought stuff I’ve never worn before! Leopard print shoes for one. Because I get nervous of making an impression I suppose. “All eyes on Emma….Emma gets scared!”

    I bought a gorgeous faux fur coat a few years ago and used to feel a real spectacle whilst wearing it, but I’m okay now and a lot more confident. I might try wearing a floral to the office soon 🙂

    ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Hey Emma! Funny you should talk about leopard print shoes today I wore silver and leopard print shoes! Jinx! 😛
      Am a loud person so even if I wore as you say “traditional office attire” I would still be noticed. I think am that annoying person in every office who you all wish would just shut up!!
      You should definitely flex your flower power muscle at work at least once. And OMG the coat. Fur should be worn with pride. I wear one and Kenya is practically a cross breed of summer and spring!!
      Oh, am definitely still wearing my crazy colors and prints. Tomorrow’s menu: HOT PINK sweater. 😀


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