Relationship Chronicles: The Booty…

Okay I remember a time when we women used to ask a very tough question to men.  Men you know what am talking about. That dreaded question where one answer could either leave you an eunuch at the end of the night or really really happy. Okay I’ll tell you,”Does my ass look big in this dress?” Yes, I just saw the chills run down your spine.

Now times are changing, the bigger the booty the happier your woman is. It’s becoming the norm to get a little extra in the trunk with butt implants and injections or pills and potions. So the question really hasn’t changed and the answer is still a dangerous pitfall for men everywhere. But now as a man, you can tell you better half her ass is huge and she will love you not hit you.

If I just got you maimed or killed, am sorry don’t haunt me cause my body guard ghost, Troy the pit bull, will kick your ass.


Hump Day.

Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.




Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

14 thoughts on “Relationship Chronicles: The Booty…”

  1. Haha, a great post for hump day! Yup, I’ve seen the fear glaze over in a man’s eyes when I ask for an ‘honest’ opinion! 🙂

    My arse has always been flat and bony and even hurts peoples knees when I sit on their lap…..not that I do that TOO often. Anyway. I wish I had a lovely, round bum! But I’d never get it injected lol. I’m scared of needles!!!! #booty

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    1. Are you sure its not like always? Doth do protest to much, methinks! 😛 Hahaha! Am sure they don’t complain even if their knees do hurt.
      As an African especially from my tribe, “Kikuyus”, we are basically blessed in the back end more than the front end. I used to hate having an ass but now Kim K has made it trend that am comfortable enough to the point that if I had rhythm at all I would twerk.
      I don’t even hate needles, am just scared of doctors!!


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