Miss World: Blogger Edition


Everyday looking at my blog stats makes me feel like am an announcer for Miss World. This is one of the reason I love blogging so much. Since I don’t have the capital to go see every corner of this earth, this kinda caters to that part of my soul.

I always get that announcer voice in my head and start, USA, United Kingdom, Kenya, Tanzania, Pakistan, Guatemala, Azerbaijan… First I didn’t even know Azerbaijan was a country, if I went back to high school I would totally ace geography class.

Well this is a thanks to all the amazing people who have made their way to my little corner of the net- I hope its corner office with a window and not my cluster-phobic cubicle at work – You all rock and it has been amazing making so many friends from continents away. I can’t wait to meet more and know all of you better. You all get the Miss World – even Mr World – Crown. I will not confuse the winner like some people…

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Purple Monday

Couldn’t be red, it’s Monday…


Cici Fact – Between ’em sheets


I like it a little rough, not too much but maybe just enough…

“Worth it”

Fifth Harmony ft Kid Ink

You know I like Fifth Harmony cause their videos are a buffet of abs…


Cici Facts

Truth by Cici Standards

Cici Fact – Cheating


If my girl found out you was wearing her robe, I’ll probably go missing…


Trey Songz ft Mila J

(image: bestdemotivationalposters.com)


Cici Facts

Truth by Cici Standards.


Alector Fencer.

Because I tend to put a lot of images from DeviantArt I thought I do a feature on one of the talented artist on their site. Alector Fencer, I don’t know who you are but you are TALENTED!

  1. Ildayra


2. I Am Here


3.  Warrior Concept


4. Ambivalent


This weekend how about a little art appreciation. Am going to a wedding exhibition, not sure if that’s art but I will take it as is…


Weekend Update

Messed up plans since 2014.

Cici Facts – Moving On.

If happiness hurts, am happy for you…

“Stone Cold”

Demi Lovato.

Definitely my favorite song in Demi Lovato’s new album, Confident. Check it out…


Cici Facts

Truth by Cici Standards.


Ahh Friendships…


Being prepared is what being an adult is all about- I think! :|. With everyone calling me crazy I decided to take the initiative and prepare myself for the eventuality that they maybe right. So I picked my friendships with care and reasoning. My two best friends are both in the field of medicine. One is a psychiatrist and the other is a pharmacist. So free meds and someone to always listen to me. Am I smart or what?  After I wrote that I realized that I might be the less smart one in this bunch. Everyone went to med school! Damn it!

PS: Dear friends, I am only using you for your medical expertise. :p


Hump Day.

Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.