Lady justice is out…

Is justice really real? When they say “justice is blind” what they really mean is that its stupidly blind. It is not about the neutrality of the justice system. Every police enforcement agency always want to get the “big fish”. Why?  How is the Boss the one who is guilty when all his guilty of is being a very good and convincing liar. Most bosses rarely lift a finger to do the dirty work. Be it selling drugs, creating mass chaos, or even assassinations. All they do is sit down and wait for the money and prestige to roll in, while the little plebs run around like headless chicken to do his/her’s bidding. So really aren’t we prosecuting the wrong people?

Why not show these underlings that they are being used. The “Boss” doesn’t give a shit about you. He will replace you before the cuffs even lock on your bony hands. The crime world is nothing without the underlings who do the messy jobs. If the warlord had no one to order to do the killings there won’t be any war. If the drug lord had no one to sell his drugs, there would be no drugs on the streets, well unless the druggies grow them in there basement, but that’s another matter entirely.

So the point of this rant, simple, the direction the police enforcement agencies need to take when combating crime in the world is to take down the underlings, cause just like in business, relationships, sex and every aspect in life, the bottom up approach always works.


Purple Monday.

Painting Monday blues, purple. Couldn’t be red, Its Monday!


Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

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