Portrayal of Africa…

When you hear Africa what comes to your mind?

Is it this?


Or this?thika super highway

Cause the two pictures are from the same country.

I don’t know if its just me but I hate how Africa is portrayed in the media. And by media, I don’t just mean the news, though they are up there in the “I’ll burn your studio down cause you know nothing about us” category. I mean photographs, books, in music, basically everywhere. I read this book once and the author, not naming names, was doing a piece with the setting in Uganda, and she literally wrote that in the whole town – Uganda is a country not a town – there was only one hotel and it was the only place they could charge their satellite phone. SATELLITE PHONE! Are you kidding me? I get a signal in my bathroom.

Really does everyone out of Africa believe this is how we live?


or this?



Cause again they are both in the same country.

Am I saying that the first images don’t really happen and that we all live in ten thousand sq/ft houses with pools? Fudge no! I live in an apartment with my mom and we most definitely don’t have a pool or an elevator for that matter, hence why am this skinny. Stupid stairs! But where in the world does that really happen. Am just saying stop saying we still walk bare foot on dirt roads, have no electricity and we live with Simba in our back yard. I’ve seen a lion maybe once or twice and it wasn’t in the tree at the back of my house but in an animal orphanage and in Lion King!


(whoever was the author of this images, sorry but I  couldn’t find who to credit)

Purple Monday.

Couldn’t be red, it’s Monday!


Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

6 thoughts on “Portrayal of Africa…”

  1. LOL that Simba line cracked me up! But on a serious note, yes. We often cast people and places into a “single story” by what the media or others have described it to be. Very few people actually search out the other sides to the story of a culture, community, or even the family name you were born into!

    Great Rant. Happy Monday!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey Liz. Thanks so much. 😀
      I know, if we believed everything in the media and what people say I would never leave my house cause I’ll be scared of every corner.
      People should consider doing a little research before forming an opinion. But that’s a dream will never see.

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    1. Thanks Kim. I know its really annoying that people make up their mind without looking at all the different sides. I actually saw a picture by one blogger with the caption “Children in Africa”, a small girl carrying a small boy and doing some hard labor. Its what inspired the rant. It pissed me off that this was the picture associated with every child in Africa when I know different.

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