Dating Advice: Shut Up!

I guess that goes without saying and this applies to both sexes but today am going to focus on men. Just cause I believe in gender equality. My words of wisdom today, “Sometimes, men, you really should just shut up, cause you sound a tad sexist”.

Why, you ask? A few days back, after a friend’s birthday party, where we behaved like idiots and  had a food fight, I helped with the cleaning though I despise cleaning with the might of the fires of Abaddon. Since am very vocal about my hate for cleaning one of my male friends turned and said to me, “And you expect to be someone’s wife one day?”

So am going to ask a pretty simple question, do all men believe their wives should be domestic goddesses in a french maid’s outfit? That only happens in your dreams and those nasty little sites you go to that you think we don’t know about. Apparently, since I was born with my genetic code having more xs’ am supposed to love domestic chores and do them with a smile. Please, my house, cause really when you get married the house becomes the wife’s – double standard, YES! – is going to be slob’s paradise if you don’t learn how to use a mop.

he can do it

Take caution when you say some stuff guys, it might be the last thing you ever say. Not cause we will kill you or anything that violent but cause that’s the last thing we’ll ever hear from you. Selective hearing is a thing of beauty. Best advice after the obvious, SHUT UP!, is lower your expectations. Women wear pants nowadays too.


Hump day.

Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.


Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

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