Great Monday, Dream on!!!

Just one Monday I would like to wake up and be so excited for it, my excitement would pay off greatly, and I will be so productive my bosses will give me a raise.

Well today is not that Monday. First, I woke up at 5 o’clock cause I was determined to be early for work for once. But, in my rush to leave the house I burnt my top with the iron and had to look for a replacement and guys let me tell you a secret, when a woman says she doesn’t have anything to where we are not joking. In my wardrobe I have t-shirts with cartoons or bands on them, jeans and maxi dresses and after being reprimanded by The Man, I try to be a little formal in my dressing and less hippie – Am still not there yet. 😛

So anyway, after the burnt shirt fiasco, I was still determined to not let the day beat me down and stay upbeat. I had a nice breakfast and everything was going great I left the house early and went to the bus stop. Am there all jovial and upbeat, I see the bus coming my way and I stop it, while am walking towards it a lady bypasses me so fast and runs to the bus taking the only seat left! – Where did bus etiquette go! – So without any options am left at the stage looking like an idiot and getting late.

In my “still taking this Monday to be the best day ever” mood, I decide to walk to the next stage and try my luck. The stars finally align and I get a bus just waiting for me, I take it as a sign of things changing to my favor. I should have known my luck never last. A few feet onto the highway, TRAFFIC!! So there I am my hopes for a good Monday slipping through my fingers but am hopeful, Damn it! I won’t be late cause like the stupidly hopeful person I am, I still think the traffic gods will shower their mercy on me and make it move. Ha! What a joke! We moved slower than a snail with the flu and back problems. I decide to alight not at my bus stop but at a short cut cause I had already seen the symptoms of me being late.

Fortune favoring the bold, I get a bus going my route easily and am happy as a clam am going to be on time. The car begins moving, and I realize I boarded the wrong bus! Hand meet forehead! That’s when I said eff this day and gave up on it. I got out of the bus and walked to work! Reaching the office late, panting and near sweating. Of course I walk in and the Monday morning MANDATORY meeting has already started and I become that guy who has to disrupt everyone to get to my seat. So YAY for Monday! You just declared war.



(image; AsawerwaS, Jim Davis)


Purple Monday

Couldn’t be red, it’s Monday.


Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

4 thoughts on “Great Monday, Dream on!!!”

  1. You’re so funny Cici, love this post! But after all your hard efforts I’m gutted you were late the for Monday mandatory meeting 😦

    I wish I could wake up just ONCE on a Monday and not feed dread, gloom and general losing-the-will-to-live haha. I’m at war too 🙂

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    1. Thanks Emma!! I had such high hopes for today. It was the Monday to change all Mondays! I have been so down today that my boss actually bought me lunch but only after he gave me a to-do list of a bazillion things to finish before the day is done. When Will It END!!!
      Am telling you we really should just skip Monday and start the week on Tuesday at around 11am.
      This is a war we will win!

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      1. Has it got any better?!!!!

        Monday is winning at the moment, I must say 😦 but I’m STILL not giving in!!!!

        So lunch came with a free to-do list hmmmm, that seems like a double edge sword! Did you have anything nice? 🙂

        If you ever run for PM, I will soooo vote for you with policies like that!

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      2. Well Monday was a bust but today was kinda awesome so I shrugged Monday’s hangover.
        It is not! The battle is just in a short commercial break before we come back and kick its ass. 😛
        Yeah I did. Lunch catered by the company I even got dessert.
        I actually do want to go into politics so I got my first voter… HOORAY!!!


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