Flavoured coffee + Women = Hyper Activity

People always wonder how women are always so hyper – I will assume all women are cause that way it reduces the probability that I have a problem. Well it’s cause unlike you, men, who pretend that you are too manly to drink flavored coffee and want it straight black, we drink overly sugared caffeinated drinks.

Take Caffe Mocha/Mochaccino – aka my drink of choice –  for example, caffeine + chocolate + more sugar. It’s a sugar high waiting to happen. After about a cup, or 3 if you are me, of this you are like a demon child. Talking a million words per minute and sitting still is a concept you have never heard of.

Moral of this rather un-angry rant, men, drink flavored coffee, since you can’t beat us join US! Women are never in the wrong!!

(image: caffecoffea.com)


Hump Day.

Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.


Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

6 thoughts on “Flavoured coffee + Women = Hyper Activity”

    1. Everyone today is tempting me with food! My friend just texted me saying his going out for pizza! Am on my way to bed and am thinking of yummyness!! This will end with me chewing my pillow!

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