Mean kid by Hollywood standards

I might be one of the mean kids as described by Hollywood teen flicks. Why?

  1. I like clothes more than people.
  2. I could careless about you story of the time you were… Yeah I don’t even remember what you were saying. Hint: I was not listening.
  3. I want people to listen to me even if I don’t listen to them.
  4. Touching me is crime punishable by the Death Stare!f41
  5. I definitely like to gossip. Its entertaining. I even like gossip about me. Just means am on people’s minds. Ha!
  6. Judging people is a past time. Stop with the looks, like y’all don’t do it and pretend you are not!
  7. I like seeing people fall! That sh*t is funny!
  8. Am secretly a geek. Which if Hollywood is right every mean kid is!

Are you a mean kid too?



Purple Monday.

Couldn’t be red, it’s Monday!


Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

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