Man Crush Monday

If there’s one thing I can celebrate every Monday, is that gorgeous men walk among us. And one day every week, thanks to social media, we get a free pass to objectify you and not feel creepy. So anyway this week’s gorgeous numero 1 is courtesy of Vinnieh who showed me his post which was full of yumminess, so thank you. And did one especially for me, make sure to check it out, so that I can gloat some more.

So no.1 David Gandy. I simply have no words since I’ve been obsessing over it for a week.

No.2 William Levy. Am not saying his number two but I was inspired to put him on this list by David. They just seemed similar to me. I know his married and has kid or kids but in Swahili we have a saying, “macho hayana pazia”. Which loosely translated means eyes don’t have obstacles in the way. And his hot so congrats to the wife!

Just a by the way, did you know William Levy will be in the next Resident Evil? Ahhhhh Fan girling!!! Really we need to send gift baskets to their parents for their awesome genes.

Plus, because I do not like to forget the local boys, this is a shout out to the man I saw on the bus, guy in the black suit with those really manly glasses, you were perfect eye candy for Monday morning.



Purple Monday

Couldn’t be red, it’s Monday.



Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

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