You know am a mean kid by heart and will always gloat when credit is floated my way so this Hump Day I give you a poem I inspired and I have proof this time for those who still doubt I inspired Jupiter Rising


by Walter the Kenyan Poet.

Happy times
Sad times
Some fight you win
As some you do lose
As brains and heart
Hurt to balance

At twenty’s you love
Yet hate to love
Here some do learn
How to hit and run
Seems the best years
To lose your ears

You get dumped twice
Then you revenge thrice
You sniff at advice
And sneer at the price
Little time to spare
Yet so much to repair

Twenty’s stuffy
Little worries..
Who cares?

Twenty’s stuffy
You prepared?
Who dares..

#Enjoy when you can
#Endure when you must.

By Cici


Hump Day

Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.


Author: Cici

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