Get a horror movie diet…

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, everyone needs horror movies in their life. It teaches life skills like if you hear some noise downstairs don’t go looking for whatever is down there. Something will most definitely eat you, stab you or both. Just wait for morning. Don’t be stupid.


So one movie I recommend, 30 days of night. It stars Josh Hartnett and Melissa George. Is it a B-movie? Maybe, but its scary-ish, good for beginner horror movie enthusiasts-to-be. Favorite part, the survivors chop of the head of a little girl in pig tails with blood stains all over her. How awesome is that? – I might be in need therapy!

30 days of night is vampire movie, based in a small town in Alaska that experiences 30 days of darkness in a year. Difference between this year and the other years, vampires come to town and say hi, BLOODILY! They cut off the town from civilization outside, power and food supply. Then they feed. πŸ˜› Its not your ordinary vampire movie with hunky men without shirts, it’s bloody, dark and cold. Best features of any B-movie.

If you think you are a die hard horror movie buff, how about Wrong Turn? Those three boys are scary as shit! Scariest movie I’ve seen so far. One thing I never understood in Wrong Turn, why did they look so deformed?? Like Zombie Naked Man-Rats! It was just weird.


Last recommendation, SAW! Now that’s one move I only watched once. Scared me pale and am black I didn’t even think we could be pale!


This weekend how about a horror movie diet, I promise you won’t be disappointed. In addition how about some recommendations for me? I feel like I need a good scare fest tonight…


Weekend Update.

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Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

14 thoughts on “Get a horror movie diet…”

  1. Super recommendations Cici!!! The only one I’ve not seen (yet) is Wrong Turn 6 but I’m a huge fan of Wrong Turn 2!! I love Saw and 30 Days of Night was a good vampire flick. Nice to see vampires being mean for once.

    Recommendations hmmmmm. You got Netflix?

    Happy Friday!!!!!! ❀

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