I kicked BUTT!!


Am back! Yes you heard it right I am back to my healthy self at least if you don’t count that am about 40% cake and junk food.  I have missed you people so much and it’s just been a few days! Thank you to everyone who wished me good health, I appreciate and love you this much…



(image; deviantart.com – KohakuKun, Google)

Weekend Update

Am hale again so I can post stupid things again 😛


Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

22 thoughts on “I kicked BUTT!!”

      1. I think I AM bursting at the seams! I have seams up my thighs!!!! I bloody love food too. Nothing makes me happier than a huge sandwich and a bag of crisps. Or a bowl of mashed potato!!!!!

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      2. Haha no you are not. Plus its trending to have a moderate to big butt and thighs. We have at least another year and a half to milk this trend for everything its got.
        Mashed potatoes! I love potatoes of any kind. Mashed, chips, roasted, as long as its potatoes i will eat it.


      1. I was at a job interview last month and they asked me what I loved about blogging, and my answer was the amazing people I’ve met! Who I would never have met otherwise. Its like a cheap version of traveling.

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