Man Crush Monday – Baby Edition

So you know am not one to aww at baby pics – mostly cause I think my maternal instincts were left somewhere dark and cold to die a very horrible death– diversion aside, sometimes I think I have ADD – see… Okay babies, lack of maternal instincts, oh yes, well now even I couldn’t resist these, how cute are these?



Well, now for the excuse of why these are cute, its the tattoos not the babies, I swear!! 😛


Purple Monday

aka Man Crush Monday… Wooo Hoooo!


Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

42 thoughts on “Man Crush Monday – Baby Edition”

      1. Awww he was just being caring! Then do henna. Am afraid of needles so tattoos are off the menu for me. I get henna though when the urge gets to me.


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