Black don’t Crack

So I was procrastinating like always while at work – am a bad employee – and saw this video;

Am like DAMN!! I have never been so happy to be black. Maybe when am 90 I will still look like me. Was actually inspired to start going to the gym!

To some point I do actually agree with the phrase, “Black don’t crack”. Cause my mom looks like me and she’s 30 years older than me. I even wear her clothes. [inserting a little prayer that I got more of her genes in me]

But its not just blacks, have you seen Kris Jenner. Damn that hot momager is 60. Does this look like a 60 year old? I would guess 45 max.


Well if you are not inspired to work out, you need help!


Hump Day

Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you any way.


Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

19 thoughts on “Black don’t Crack”

  1. I do agree with that ‘black don’t crack’ thing Cici!! And also agree Kris looks amazing. Jerry Hall looks pretty good too…..except for her hubby.

    I’m ALWAYS procrastinating. At work, at home, out shopping. Whenever I can lol.

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    1. Jerry hall is hot! Her hubby though? I will deny this if am asked but he needs some plastic surgery to keep up with his wife.
      Lol! Procrastination is just a fact of life! My laundry had been piling up for the past month. I folded them last Saturday. When I couldn’t see my floor!

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