J.K Rowling best author ever…


Moral: NEVER HELP ANYONE!! Plus Voldemort should have just killed Harry there and then…

On that note, did you know that there is another Harry Potter movie coming this November? MIND BLOWN, right? Okay so its not exactly about Harry Potter but its still pretty awesome.Check it out:

(Image: ifunny.co)


Bonus Tuesday.

Holy shit! Did that really happen…


Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

11 thoughts on “J.K Rowling best author ever…”

  1. You know, I always wondered that. How did Nagini get in the zoo in the first place? According to the movie (I have to reread the book) the snake was bred in captivity. So did Nagini go to Voldemort after Harry freed her? But then that makes no sense because she was already a horcrux…
    Maybe I’m just overthinking this completely, lol.

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    1. Now am overthinking it!! Thanks!
      How did the snake get to the zoo? Maybe Voldemort planted it there as a spy cause he wasn’t strong enough to destroy Harry yet?


      1. Depends on if the zoo was close to his house. Plus the snake could be like Savio from Penguins of Madagascar. A total ninja in escaping from his pen.


      1. I had completely forgotten about Cursed Child. Am not as excited since I had already written off Harry Potter. At times I find it odd when the author begins expanding the world after a series is done. Am usually like just let them die at high point. Most authors ruin the story for me.

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