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Hump Day

Ryan Gosling, everyone should listen to this hottie…


War Games – Immortals


As a self confessed book nerd, this thought had to come up one day. And today is that day. During my Sunday siesta yesterday, I had a dream that made me think, in a fight between Acheron and Raphael who would win? For those who don’t know, Acheron is the leader of the dark hunters in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series and Raphael is the archangel in Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series.

As you can probably tell I have a type of genre I am more susceptible to!

Back to the important matters, who will win? My money is on Ash. He is a 10,000 year old Atlantean god with a strange condition that makes him more terrifying. Raphael on the other hand is a 1500 year old archangel who is still evolving into his powers.

Both have a potential for darkness but Ash is there already. So has more potential to blow!

So what is your thought, Ash or Raphael?

(image:I have no idea but I am very appreciative of your talent)

Purple Monday.

Book Nerds Rule!!

Letter to Pain…


If you could see me now,

You wouldn’t believe all that you did to me,

You would see I outgrew your deceit,

You would think all you did  was a mirage,

A figment of a past life,


Would you say the same things you said then,

Would you take back your words if you knew?

That all they did was tear down the walls,

The blocks that had to removed,

For my rebirth started at you departure,


Am whole now,

A better version of me,

More than you thought,

More than I believed,

A letter to you is more than you deserve…


Hump Day

Trying to feel empowered… (song: Hailee Steinfeld – Love Myself)


Cici Fact – Hold That Thought

Just please don’t say you love me,

‘Cause I might not say it back.

Gabrielle Aplin.

“Please don’t say you love me”

Kenyans: Ugliest People in Africa.

So am just finding this out right now. Apparently without my knowledge and that of many people in Kenya, we have been named – TWICE – the ugliest people in Africa. Excuse me a minute…


Where was I when this was being decided? My vote matters.

Let me just give you a peek at whats being said;

Women from the Kikuyu community have small legs, totally no figures, and a little
exaggerated heads. They lack good behinds and those who have them look like inflated
balloons.They are shaped like pyramids turned upside down.A big upper frame and an almost invisible lower bit.

Am Kikuyu – well half but lets not go there- so am flipping offended that am apparently am an over turned pyramid and have a small exaggerated head. What are we? Reverse bubble heads!!  Just to clarify I  am well proportionate with a normal head. Thank you very much!!

Just a glimpse at some Kenyans who are kicking ass in the beauty department:

None of these women have bleached their skin, FYI! So look for some other judgemental crap to pile on us!

So what do you think, are we the ugliest in Africa?


Purple Monday

I want to know what number South Africa was since it gave these results…




Why Kids are Crazy…Nowadays!!

You remember your childhood, when toys were cute and fluffy? You know teddy bears, bratz, barbies, a Ferby – which were creepy still – and all other cutesy toys. Well that is not the world today.

WTF is this?


How is this something you give your children? Then you start taking your kids to therapy that you just don’t know what you did wrong. This is what you are doing wrong!!


Really, think before you buy somethings…


Hump Day.

Weird facts… ugh! Just feeding you craps that’s in my head!

Thumbs Up Puberty!

I thought I would take this momentous occasion to enlighten us all in the miracles of puberty through our beloved cast of Harry Porter. Some of the male cast of HP were kinda nerdy and hadn’t grown into their prime  in the HP Franchaise but sheesh did puberty do some good for most of them. Therefore, today my MCM list is dedicated to the cast of Harry Porter.

  1. Neville Longbottom aka Matthew Lewis.

You remember nerdy Neville, always trying to save Gryffindor points by standing up to Harry and the gang, well he ain’t so nerdy now and can probably beat up Harry and stop him from any mischief.


2. Lee Jordan aka Luke Youngblood.

One, how cool is his name, Youngblood! Ohh chills!  He hasn’t done anything as big as HP but he’s been appearing on a number of hit series such as Glee and Lie to Me. But we knew him best as the little announcer with dreadlocks from Gryffindor. I think he should play a vampire next he just suits!


3. Dean Thomas aka Alfred Enoch.

Yep, he might be the newest sensation in ABC’s How To Get With Away With Murder – Man, I love that show – but we knew him before as the adorable character Dean Thomas in Harry Porter.


4. Freddie Stroma aka Cormac McLaggen.

So I found him bit dushy in Harry Porter. He was extremely self assured that it came out a bit brash but he redeemed himself in other movies like Cinderella Story.  He was hot back then but he got hotter. Plus, his accent is HOT.


And so comes the end of my Man Candy Monday: Harry Porter style list. Hope it made your Monday as it did mine.

Have a great week ahead.


Purple Monday.

How sad would Monday be without MCM?