Kenyans: Ugliest People in Africa.

So am just finding this out right now. Apparently without my knowledge and that of many people in Kenya, we have been named – TWICE – the ugliest people in Africa. Excuse me a minute…


Where was I when this was being decided? My vote matters.

Let me just give you a peek at whats being said;

Women from the Kikuyu community have small legs, totally no figures, and a little
exaggerated heads. They lack good behinds and those who have them look like inflated
balloons.They are shaped like pyramids turned upside down.A big upper frame and an almost invisible lower bit.

Am Kikuyu – well half but lets not go there- so am flipping offended that am apparently am an over turned pyramid and have a small exaggerated head. What are we? Reverse bubble heads!!Ā  Just to clarify IĀ  am well proportionate with a normal head. Thank you very much!!

Just a glimpse at some Kenyans who are kicking ass in the beauty department:

None of these women have bleached their skin, FYI! So look for some other judgemental crap to pile on us!

So what do you think, are we the ugliest in Africa?


Purple Monday

I want to know what number South Africa was since it gave these results…





Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

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