Inconsiderate Neighbors


I have been having a bad neighbors reality for the past few months and it starting to piss me off.

I understand everybody gets an itch now and again but would it be too much to ask for them to turn down the volume once in a while? There are just somethings your neighbors don’t need to know about you. Still have no clue what am talking about?

Well, I believe that it is common courtesy that when you are engaging in your skin flicks addiction that you turn down the volume to a level only you can hear. Surround sound is not for this kind of things.

Okay, so am not entirely sure my neighbor is watching SkinMax Tv on full blast, but I will lie to myself that that’s what he’s doing cause the alternative I cannot handle.

Guess since am too much of a chicken to confront him, I will just have to get used to my trusty ear plugs.


Hump Day

Don’t know if I would have complained if it was Zac Efron? Who am I kidding, I would have!



Legal Brainwashing


So I have this theory of why more women enjoy classical music than men. Simple fact; Cartoons! Especially if you were an avid watcher of Fairy Tales. Barbie, for example, has all the major symphonies ever made. I think its the sneaky way to get kids out of loving other kinds of music that parents think are inappropriate. These cartoons make kids start appreciating ballet and classical music before they even know what music is.

I was a girly girl growing up and fairy tales were all I would watch. Disney and Mattel should pay me dividends for how many times I watched their movies. Growing up all I wanted to do was ballet and of course get a castle, but then reality struck and I realized am in Africa and ballet and castles are not in the market.

My family used to wonder about me a lot. I was this scrawny 8 year old kid who would hum Mozart, Beethoven and Bach while dancing around the living room. It is no wonder that when I took a music class in college I aced it cause all the classical musicians the lecturer was playing I knew them from childhood.

So back to my original point, stupid ADD 😛 , women are just more susceptible to liking classical music because of what we were given to watch as kids. Its legal brainwashing from a tender age.



Purple Monday.

Classical music and doughnuts what a way to start the week.